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The Career Success Guide For Female Engineers

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

"As a woman who spent my career in a world surrounded by men, I understand the issues and challenges the author addressed. I certainly appreciated the statement that this book is not to bash men - to the contrary as her husband is an engineer. Studying the content and applying the lessons learned to enhance your career acceleration gives each reader a powerful way to be mentored by someone who has been there. And that's worth every bit of time and money put into this book."

"This author’s tips on our mindset, limited beliefs, confidence, practical steps for understanding what our body language communicates, how to handle gender bias... that and so much more spoke to my own experiences. So if you know a female in a technical field- this is the best possible gift you can give them. Know a working woman? She’ll find herself improved by these pages as well. Know a male engineer? He will LOVE this book. There’s a section for him, too. And he will get a glimpse into the experience of his female teammates and only enhance the work culture. So go get it!"

"Must read for female engineers and diversity and inclusion champions everywhere!"

"This book is just so relevant in the era of #ME TOO. Brilliant insights from an incredibly successful engineer who also happens to be a woman! If you are a woman with an interest in engineering or if you are studying it, you absolutely need this book. It has so many helpful tips on how to grow and become successful while dealing with the challenges that come with being a woman in engineering from discrimination to having a family."

"She Engineers" will give you "the keys to success as a female engineer, the keys that neutralize gender bias, silence critics (including that nagging inner doubter), accelerate your earning potential, and allow you to have a life outside of work." Written by a mid-career structural engineer and addressed to "you," the book shines with lively "been there" experience and is supported by timely research. Each chapter concludes with a section on "What you learned," and a "Career acceleration challenge" that ensures actionable results! As an educator, I will be recommending this book enthusiastically to young women--and to male engineers who need to know that, as I learned along the way, teams that are gender balanced at 41% more productive!

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