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Are you working hard but not getting ahead? 
Do you feel you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve? 
Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to penetrate the “boys network” at work?

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Are you working hard but not getting ahead? Do you feel you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve? Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to penetrate the “boys network” at work?

Then this book was written for YOU!
I thought my gender wouldn't have an impact on my career.........
I was wrong, and I was in denial for a very long time. 

I never set out to be a flag-bearing feminist. I just wanted to have a career I found fulfilling and paid well.

But what I found was that my two engineering degrees - from a top university in my field - didn't prepare me for how difficult it was going to be heard and recognized, let alone happy in my work.

And, I was confused, because (almost) everyone I worked with seemed like nice people. I loved the technical work and projects.

I thought something was wrong with me. I searched for advice that would help, but didn't find anything that worked for me, as someone who was often the only woman in the room on her teams. 

I became obsessed with figuring out what I was missing. My free time became filled with reading everything I could find on the subject, which I'd then test it in my own career. 

I spent years applying what I learned on myself, and trying something different when the first attempt inevitably failed. When something worked, I shared it with others......and discovered it worked for them too!  

Eventually, I put it all this into a book, so you don't have to spend years learning these things the hard way like I did.

This is the practical engineering career guide for women, to teach you the things you need to be successful that you aren't taught in school and that mentors don't tell you.
Practical tools that work even if you aren't the boss (yet).
Imagine a life where YOU choose your own career path. You love what you do. You are an influencer, a go-to person at your company and in your field. You have a life outside of work. You may even have a couple of young children if you choose (I have three, all 12 and under!), while still enjoying a well-paying, impactful career in engineering.  

That's not a pipe dream. This book will show you how.
meet the WOMAN behind the book
Stephanie Slocum, P.E.
My name is Stephanie Slocum. As an engineer who spent 15 years in design and project management in the industry, I'm on a mission to help other women in engineering create extraordinary careers for themselves on their own terms. 

I believe that YOU have unique talents that when applied in your technical passion areas, allow you to leverage those skills in both fulfilling and lucrative ways.

I also believe that unconscious bias plays a huge role in the current dissatisfaction many women report in their careers. Many don't have the tools they need to practically counteract this bias in everyday work situations without alienating their coworkers, especially when it's perpetrated by well-intentioned colleagues (of all genders). 

That stops now. I wrote this book because I've learned that when you unleash your unique skills AND have the tools you need to practically counteract everyday bias, your own possibilities become limitless. 
What People Are Saying About 
This Book On...
"...if you know a female in a technical field- this is the best possible gift you can give them."
Review By Marcey Pusey
"This is the must-read book they're not teaching in high school or college classes!"
Review By P-town Girl
"Comprehensive blueprint for success!"
Review By LT
"Great content especially for new and rising engineers.The book made me feel like now I have a game plan for my career and confident that I can handle whatever comes my way as I grow."
Review By Amazon Customer

 This book is very well-written, thorough, organized, well-researched, and filled with helpful first-hand experience that makes it at once real, heart-felt, easily understandable, and immediately applicable. The author starts off with the most important aspect which is the leader's mindset and strategy....She addresses some of the facts and myths on gender bias, and shows how to have work-life balance so that you can have a life and family outside of work, and be successful as an engineer. I highly recommend this book! "

Review By Deanna Won

"Inspiring, motivational, and VERY well written. The info is put together in a way that makes it easy to follow and really pumps you up to go take on the world!"

Review by Book-loving tea guzzler

"I have read female books such as thrive/lean in e.t.c and also general engineering career books. However I felt elements were missing from both. The issues females in engineering face. I am currently a graduate at a large automotive company facing all the generic female engineer road bumps... it was encouraging and inspiring to read your book. It really hit the spot of what I needed!"

Review by Danielle

"Must read for female engineers and diversity and inclusion champions everywhere!"

Review by Brent Darnell
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
Here are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top five most important things that you will learn:
  • The biggest reasons women in engineering stagnate in their careers, and how to create a path to success on your terms.
  • How to determine your strengths and use them for maximum influence.
  • How to find your expert niche and use it to create the career (and life!) you deserve.
  • Why the well-meaning career advice given to male engineers backfires for women, and how you can avoid those traps.
  • How to deal with unconscious gender bias so you can propell your career forward, especially when you are only woman in the room.
Career Acceleration Challenges. Every chapter includes specific actions to take to immediately apply what you've learned. 
Page 45. On this page, I'll share the myths versus reality of what it actually takes to be a great engineer.
Page 20. On this page, I'll show you the four secrets to success as a woman in engineering.
Page 113. In this chapter, I'll share what most engineers do wrong when looking for a job and how to find one that is perfect for you.
Ready to rock your engineering career on YOUR terms?
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